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A wide range of floor saws allows us to supply the right equipment for specific applications. Choosing the right floor saw can give you the highest productivity and the best results.

COMPACT The powerful,
quick operation and ease
of transportation is a proven
combination. Contractors
like the speed and flexibility
the compact saw offers.

AFS 350 & 300 Operator and bystander safety can often be overlooked during highways work. The AFS has low hand-arm vibtation and a fully enclosed blade guard to provide the highest safety levels.

CUTLASS Deeper cutting with precision is essential for some applications. For wet cutting, the Cutlass is capable of cutting the most difficult materials.

CLAYMORE For trouble-free deep cutting or very fast shallow cutting, the accurately controlled high power will deliver the results for professional contractors.

  Drive Options Blade (mm) Notes

Trident Air 300/350 Converts from floor saw to hand held

AFS Petrol 300/350 Lowest hand-arm vibration

Compact Petrol/Diesel 350 Contractors choice for highways work

Cutlass Petrol/Diesel 450 Screw depth control and integral water tank

Ranger Petrol/Diesel 500/600 Chain or hydrostatic forward drive

Claymore Diesel 700/1000 High specification for sawing contractors