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Trench Rammers


4-Stroke Rammers
A range of 3 machines designed with forthcoming environmental legislation in mind. All the performance and durability that a contractor expects with the added benefit of a four stroke petrol engine. Tried and tested in the harshest working environments these rammers are built to perform.

Pole Tamper
Where a rammer or plate compactor can not reach the pole tamper ensures compliant compaction in the tightest areas.



  • Reliable, easy start, no petrol/oil mixture needed
  • Low emission and low noise 4 stroke engine
  • 3 fuel filters and large capacity air filter for extra reliability
  • Direct gear drive with oil bath lubrication extends service life
  • Extra heavy duty bellows
  • Well balanced performance reduces operator effort
  • Heavy duty protection frame and adjustable handles

Pole Tamper

  • Compaction complies with HAUC (NRSWA)
  • Allows compaction right up to highway installations
  • Simple pneumatic operation


Model Motor power Frequency (vpm) Travel Speed (m/min) Foot size (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
(hp) (kW) W L W H L
RT50 Robin 4-stroke 2.5 1.4 700 13.0 250 348 380 990 705 55
RT 66 Honda 4-stroke 4 2.1 620 13.7 250 348 420 1045 763 66
RT 74 Honda 4-stroke 4 2.1 620 13.3 300 335 455 985 755 74
PoleTamper n/a   1200 n/a 80 80 80 80 1333 13.5

Part no Description
158.9.000  Trench Rammer RT66 
158.9.001  Trench Rammer RT50 
158.9.003  Trench Rammer RT74 
82.9.021  Pneumatic Pole Tamper 
158.0.026  Rammer foot for RT74 - 300mm 
158.0.048  Rammer foot for RT66 - 250mm 
158.0.052  Rammer foot for RT50 - 250mm 
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