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Tubmix 50

A safe paddle mixer for general professional and DIY use.
The motor and gearbox drives the paddles to mix a wide variety of products from mortar to paint.
Being small, lightweight and versatile, the Tubmix 50 is the ideal solution for Builders, Tradesmen and enthusiastic DIY user.

Tubmix 50

  • Safer then hand held paddle mixers
  • Hands free operation - mixes whilst you work
  • Supplied boxed for easy assembly
  • Easy to clean drum
  • Fitted with wheels for transporting full loads
  • Full overload protection
  • CE compliant

Note: the Tubmix will not mix concrete or any mix with large aggregates.

Model Motor power (hp/kW) Tub volume (litres) Mixing output (kg) Paddle speed (rpm) Assembled dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Tubmix 50 1.6/1.2 65 50 55 500 785 605 (+330) 25

Part no Description
163.9.000  Tubmix 50 230V 
163.9.001  Tubmix 50 110V 
163.0.61  Drum Tubmix 50 
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