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Air- or petrol-engine powered screed
The Pro-Screed compacts, levels and finishes concrete floors, pavements, runways and bridges up to 25m in one pass. The Pro-Screed gives very flat surfaces and can be set to form crowns or invert to design specifications.
  • Required screed widths built from three section sizes: 7½' (2.28m), 5' (1.52m), 2' (0.61m)
  • Screed widths from 3m to 25m (15.5m max for petrol option)
  • Deep compaction - 300mm
  • High output - up to 75m³ per hour
  • Special attachments available for various applications

Air powered:
Each section is fitted with Naval Brass piston vibrators; these provide an even vibration along the full screed length.

Petrol or electric powered:
The engine spins a shaft fitted with eccentric weights. The drive unit adds 0.45m to the width of the machine.
Note: Use an Air Pro Screed for full compaction depth in very low slump concrete.


Section size Frequency (Hz) Air consumption Weight (kg)
  Air Petrol (cfm) (m³/min) Air Petrol
2' (0.61m) 158 67 9 0.26 14 21
5' (1.52m) 158 67 18 0.52 35 42
7½' (2.28m) 158 67 27 0.78 52 64

Part no Description
Air Sections
102.9.002  Air Section 0.61m (2') 
102.9.005  Air Section 1.52m (5') 
102.9.007  Air Section 2.28m (7.5') 
102.9.015  Air Drive Kit 
Petrol Sections
102.9.014  Petrol Drive Kit 
102.9.102  Petrol Section 0.61m (2') 
102.9.105  Petrol Section 1.52m (5') 
102.9.107  Petrol Section 2.28m (7.5') 
102.06.004  Crown Invert Bracket 
102.20.895  Centre Winch Assembly & Winch 
102.27.000  Adjustable End Bracket 
102.27.001  Adjustable End Brkt & Rollers 
102.33.000  Extension Handles 6" 
102.34.000  Extension Handles 12" 
102.38.000  Bridge Deck Handle 
102.55.000  Extension Handles 18" 
102.10.100  Heavy Duty Winch R/H 
102.11.000  Pneumatic Vibrator 
102.16.000  Air Lubricator Complete 
102.18.670  Heavy Duty Winch L/H 
102.3.011  Handle End c/w Grip 
102.36.000  Pro Screed reinforcement box 
15.0.316  Air Lubricator 
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