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Easy Screed


Easy Screed 150
A highly manoeuvrable lightweight vibrating float to consolidate and flatten the surface of concrete.

Easy Screed 200
Larger than the 150 this vibrates deeper and has three handle sections with a twist to tilt mechanism for working off the slab.

Easy Screed Pro
Screeding without formwork is becoming a popular time saving technique. The Easy Screed has an easily detachable twin handle power unit that clamps on to beams of various lengths. The aluminium beam has a profile suitable for ‘free screeding’ or by reversing the same beam can be used for striking off across from formwork.

  • Developed for the increasingly popular ‘free screeding’ technique
  • Choice of drive options - electric, electric with speed control or 2 stroke petrol
  • Direct drive vibrator assembly

Easy Screed 150

  • 1.5m reinforced aluminium blade
  • Light and simple for trouble free operation
  • Single handle for easy use in confined areas

Easy Screed 200

  • Special extruded 2m aluminium blade for increased productivity
  • Supplied with three handle sections (1.5m each) to suit slab width.

Easy Screed Pro

  • Quick clamp-on 4-stroke petrol power unit
  • Unique beam section allows ‘free screeding’ or striking off from formwork
  • Straight drive shaft for the highest reliability
  • Variable centrifugal force to suit beam width and concrete slump
  • Adjustable handle height for operator comfort
  • Extra rigid, structurally engineered, extruded aluminium beams
  • 9 different beam lengths to suit your applications
  • Easy to maintain and transport

For full compaction of deep slabs, initial poker vibration is recommended. Two drive units should be used on 5.5 and 6m beams.

Model Engine power (W) Frequency (Hz) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)  
Easy Screed 150 electric 110v & 230v 350 200 13 360 300 1500  
Easy Screed 150 petrol 2-stroke 520 200 13 360 300 1500  
Easy Screed 200 electric 110v & 230v 350 200 15 430 295 2000  
Easy Screed 200 petrol 2 stroke 520 200 15 430 295 2000  
Easy Screed Pro Drive Unit 1100 83 14.6 700 440 1040  
Beams     4.1 kg/m 200 100    

Part no Description
Easy Screed 150
157.9.000  Easy Screed 150 110v 
157.9.001  Easy Screed 150 110v e/s ctrl 
157.9.002  Easy Screed 150 230v 
157.9.003  Easy Screed 150 230v e/s ctrl 
157.9.004  Easy Screed 150 2-stroke 
Easy Screed 200
157.9.005  Easy Screed 200 110v 
157.9.006  Easy Screed 200 110v e/s ctrl 
157.9.007  Easy Screed 200 230v 
157.9.008  Easy Screed 200 230v e/s ctrl 
157.9.009  Easy Screed 200 2-stroke 
Easy Screed Pro
157.9.010  Easy Screed PRO Petrol Drive 
Easy Screed Pro Beams
157.3.000  Easy Screed beam 1.5m 
157.3.001  Easy Screed beam 1.9m 
157.3.002  Easy Screed beam 2.5m 
157.3.003  Easy Screed beam 3m 
157.3.004  Easy Screed beam 3.75m 
157.3.005  Easy Screed beam 4.25m 
157.3.006  Easy Screed beam 5m 
157.3.007  Easy Screed beam 5.5m 
157.3.008  Easy Screed beam 6m 
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