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Trident & Scimitar

Trident 300mm or 350mm Air Saw
The Trident was developed for use by utilities and contractors. This floor saw converts, in seconds, to a hand held cut-off saw. The floor saw chassis has water tank and dust spression system built in.

Scimitar 300mm Hand Held Air Saw
A powerful air-powered cut-off saw. This tool is a reliable alternative to petrol saws.

Trident Floor/Hand-held Saw

  • Rapid saw cutting for patch repair and reinstatements
  • In-line oiler fitted as standard
  • Safety visor on the blade guard
  • Adjustable/preset depth control
  • Pressurised water spray to dampen dust
  • Quick release air couplings
  • Unique safety blade nut

Simitar Hand-held Saw

  • Well balanced for operator comfort
  • Trigger guard for safety
  • Unique safety blade nut
Model Motor power Blade size (mm) Blade speed (rpm) Max depth of cut (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
(hp) (kW) W H L
Trident Saw 300 3.6 2.6 300 5100 82 850 1100 120 32
Trident Saw 350 3.6 2.6 350 5100 107 850 1100 125 32
Simitar 3.6 2.6 300 5100 90 260 400 128 12

Part no Description
134.9.007  Scimitar Hand Held Air Saw 
134.9.009  Trident Floor Saw 300mm 
134.9.011  Trident Floor Saw 350mm 
102.8.005  Lubricator Oil 5 Litres 
129.9.006  Scimitar Air Lubricator 
See the diamond blade page to select a blade for your application
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