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Consul Saw

350mm Brick and Tile Bench Saw
Manufactured as a portable and powerful bench saw to cut bricks, blocks, large tiles and slabs. The side mounted cutting arm and blade gives 'stright through' cutting for long materials.
  • Accurate cutting of all materials up to 105mm deep
  • Detachable legs for transportation
  • Precision rolling table complete with mitre block
  • Self priming water pump
  • Depth stop and height adjustment
  • Unlimited length of cut
  • Petrol or electric options available


Model Motor power Blade size (mm) Blade speed (rpm) Max depth of cut (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
(hp) (kW) W H L
Consul Saw Petrol Honda 5.5 4 350 3400 105 650 600 1150 55
Consul Saw 110v 1ph 2 1.5 350 3400 105 650 540 1000 65
Consul Saw 220v 1ph 2 1.5 350 3400 105 650 540 1000 65
Consul Saw 380/415v 3ph 3 1.5 350 3400 105 650 540 1000 65

Part no Description
98.9.000  Consul Saw Electric 220v 1ph 
98.9.001  Consul Saw Electric 110v 1ph 
98.9.004  Consul Saw Elec 380/415v 3ph 
98.9.005  Consul Saw Petrol Honda 
See the diamond blade page to select a blade for your application
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