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Compact Saw

350mm Floor Saw
The low weight and compact size combined with fast cutting speeds make this saw ideal for all floor and road repair work in concrete and asphalt. With the removable water tank it is totally independant of other equipment and is very practial for remote sites.


  • Easily transported (fits in the back of a small van)
  • Specially moulded 23 litre detachable water tank
  • Effective dust supression, vital in built-up areas
  • Foot operated depth adjustment for speed, simplicity and safety
  • Maximum power transmission with 4 belts
  • Adjustable handle weight
  • Triple sealed bearings
  • Robust construction to survive the heaviest contract work
  • Lifting frame that protects the engine as standard


Model Motor power Blade size (mm) Max depth of cut (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
(hp) (kW) W H L
Compact Saw Petrol Honda 13 9.6 350 127 510 800 800 96
Compact Saw Petrol Kohler 11 8 350 127 510 800 800 106
Compact Saw Petrol Kohler 15 11 350 127 510 800 800 106
Compact Saw Diesel Robin 9.5 7 350 127 510 800 800 121

Part no Description
135.9.005  Compact Floor Saw Petrol Honda 
135.9.011  Compact Floor Saw 11hp Kohler 
135.9.013  Compact Floor Saw Petrol Robin 
135.9.018  Compact Floor Saw 15hp Kohler 
See the diamond blade page to select a blade for your application
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