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AFS 300 & 350

300mm & 350mm Advanced Floor Saws
The AFS is built using the same technology as the market leading PC Plate Compactors. The design minimises hand-arm vibration (HAVS) and maximises productivity.

With low vibration, comfortable operation, enclosed guard and dust suppression, the AFS is the safest saw for operators and bystanders.

AFS 300 AFS 350
The AFS 300 provides a safe and efficient method for sawing small areas. Hand held saws are often used for this task but expose the user to many unnecessary risks that the AFS 300 eliminates For contractors with miles to cut the AFS 350 gives unique performance, safety and comfort advantages.
  • Low Hand-Arm Vibration - minimises the risk of HAVS
  • Enclosed blade guard - blade is fully guarded even when raised
  • Easily transported with removable handle - fits it the back of a small van
  • Protected blade - the saw can be transported with the blade fitted
  • Gas strut dempth control - infinite depth of cut control
  • Dampened blade lowering - avoids blade damage from shock loading
  • Finger tip depth control - good ergonomics, simple operation
  • Water dust supporession - for less hazardous and intrusive working
  • Long wheel base and fixed frame - increased stability for smoother cutting


Model Motor power Blade size (mm) Max depth of cut (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
(hp) (kW) W H L
AFS 300 5.5 4 300 100 442 938 1222 60
AFS 350 13 9.6 350 127 500 1000 1400 95

Part no Description
152.9.000  AFS300 Floor Saw Petrol Honda 
154.9.000  AFS350 Floor Saw Petrol Honda 
See the diamond blade page to select a blade for your application
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