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Roller Striker

The Roller Striker strikes off and finishes concrete slabs easily. A spinning tube pulls up the surcharge of concrete as it goes. The spinning roller action leaves aggregate near the surface resulting in a very strong floor, ready for power trowelling if required.
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic power options
  • Easy to set up (just fit the drive and connect to compressor or power pack)
  • Simple operation
  • Highly manoevreable for difficult applications
  • Ideal for ground floor slabs, suspended floors and slopes
  • Quick to clean (the smooth tube just needs hosing down)

A Roller Striker Complete contains:
- Drive unit: pnuematic or hydraulic (c/w 12m twin hydraulic hose)
- Opposite pull handle
- Standard Striker Tube

Model Drive power (hp/kW) Max drive speed (rpm) Pressure required Flow required Weight (kg)
Hydraulic drive unit 3 / 2.2 500 140 bar 30 l/min 24
Pneumatic drive unit 3.6 / 2.6 250 90 psi 50 cfm 29

Part no Description
129.9.112  3.66m Roller Striker Hydraulic 
129.9.114  4.26m Roller Striker Hydraulic 
129.9.116  4.88m Roller Striker Hydraulic 
129.9.118  5.49m Roller Striker Hydraulic 
129.9.120  6.10m Roller Striker Hydraulic 
129.9.122  6.71m Roller Striker Hydraulic 
129.9.124  7.32m Roller Striker Hydraulic 
129.9.126  7.92m Roller Striker Hydraulic 
129.9.212  3.66m Roller Striker Pneumatic 
129.9.214  4.26m Roller Striker Pneumatic 
129.9.216  4.88m Roller Striker Pneumatic 
129.9.218  5.49m Roller Striker Pneumatic 
129.9.220  6.10m Roller Striker Pneumatic 
129.9.222  6.71m Roller Striker Pneumatic 
129.9.224  7.32m Roller Striker Pneumatic 
129.9.226  7.92m Roller Striker Pneumatic 
Spare tubes
129.0.012  3.66m R/Str Tube Only 
129.0.014  4.26m R/Str Tube Only 
129.0.016  4.88m R/Str Tube Only 
129.0.018  5.49m R/Str Tube Only 
129.0.020  6.10m R/Str Tube Only 
129.0.022  6.71m R/Str Tube Only 
129.0.024  7.32m R/Str Tube Only 
129.0.026  7.92m R/Str Tube Only 
102.8.005  Lubricator Oil 5 Litres 
129.3.006  Air Lubricator 
129.3.009  Bunyan Drive Adapter Kit 
PAN30140  Major 30-140 Hydr. Power Pack 
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