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Paving Block Splitter
The first block splitter designed specifically for block paving. The Minipave is the smallest and lightest machine available for cutting standard 100x200mm blocks. The Minipave is ideal for domestic landscaping and small commercial projects where portability makes the operator's job quicker and easier.
  • Safe and simple operation - makes beginners into experts
  • Works at floor level - faster working, you don't have to get up to cut
  • Straight and accurate cutting - less wastage
  • Four edge blade - increased expendable life
  • Composite bearings - maintenance-free operation
  • Compact size - helps transportation and storage
  • Lightweight - easy to handle
  • Heavy duty - for the reliable service you expect from Belle


Cut force Blade type Cam movement Adj. screws Block depth Weight (kg)
(kg) (kN)          
3200 31.4 2 off 8mm sq section - 250mm long Block clearance 3mm - cutting 2mm Fast acting trapezoidal - 40mm movement 47mm-87mm 18

Part no Description
155.9.000  Minipave Block Splitter 
155.0.025  Minipave Blade 
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