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Minipac 300 Compactor

The minipac plate compactor offers the DIY user a light and portable but effective compaction plate. The patented 'Dual Force' base plate gives the necessary sub-base compaction for a wide range of DIY and landscaping applications.
  • A low cost alternative for small scale compaction requirements
  • 'Dual Force' Compaction - the unique base plate provides compaction equal to traditional heavier plates
  • Light enough to allow the operator to manually reverse the plate
  • Enables good compaction even in restricted areas
  • Lightweight and very portable

Options: Block Paving Pad.

Model Engine power Plate size WxL (mm) Compaction force (kg/m³) Centrifugal force (kN) Forward speed (m/min) Weight (kg)
(hp) (kW)
Minipac Honda 2.5 1.9 290x540 556 3.25 12 37.5
Minipac Robin 2.5 1.9 290x540 556 3.25 12 37.5

Part no Description
MP01  Minipac Honda 
MP02  Minipac Robin 
MP03  Minipac Block Paving Pad 
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