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LPC 300-350 Compactors

Light Professional Compactors
When good compaction from a robust, lightweight plate is required the LPC is a perfect choice.

Easy manual handling is important for many users. The LPC gives this advantage without compromising on build quality or overall performance.
  • Comfort handles helps to reduce operator fatigue
  • Removable handle for easier transportation and storage
  • 300mm-350mm base width - choice to suit applications
  • Tubular lifting frame also protects the engine
  • High quality vibrator gives reliability and performance
  • Manual handling points for an easy two-man lift
Model Engine power Plate width (mm) Static pressure (kg/m³) Centrifugal force (kN) Forward speed (m/min) 1 Axis vibration (m/sec³) Usage time (min) Weight (kg)
(hp) (kW)
LPC 300 2.5 1.9 300 379 11 24 4.1 224 43
LPC 350 2.5 1.9 350 334 11 24 3.8 261 45

Part no Description
153.9.000  LPC 300 Honda 
153.9.001  LPC 300 Robin 
153.9.002  LPC 350 Honda 
153.9.003  LPC 350 Robin 
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