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Hydraulic Tools & Accessories

An extensive range of tools and accessories for specialist applications or to increase the utilisation of power packs.

All these tools are built to the same rugged and reliable standard as the Power Packs and Breakers.

Hydraulic Drills & Wrenches - High torque from small tools

Disk Cutters - Virtually 'vibration free', reliable cut-off saws

Hydraulic Cable Cutters - Cutters for utilities and contractors

Hydraulic Ground Tools

  • Post Hole Borer for post holes up to 250mm diameter
  • Hydraulic Tamper for ground compaction (complies with NRWSA 'HAUC')
  • Hook pruner with electrically insulated handle

Hydraulic Water Pumps - Self-priming suberseible pumps

Hydraulic Electric Generators - To power lighting and small electric tools

Hydraulic Magnum Drills - A range of drills for core drilling applications

Part no Description
2208  Rotary Percussive Drill 
2274  Post Hole Borer 
2283  Cable Cutter 100mm 
2284  Cable Cutter 50mm 
2286  Hook Pruner 
2287  Compaction Tamper 
2288  Disc Cutter With Rail Clamp 
2289  Disc Cutter With Rail Clamp 
2290  Impact Wrench 12.5mm 
2292  Drill 12.5 mm 
2297PAN110  1kVA Generator 110v 
2297PAN240  1kVA Generator 240v 
2299PAN110  2kVA Generator 110v 
2299PAN240  2kVA Generator 240v 
2308  Impact Wrench 25mm 
2309  Floor Saw 
2310  Disc Cutter 
2322-C  Heavy Duty Water Pump Cub 
2322-S  Heavy Duty Water Pump Mid/Maj 
EXC105  Mag 5 Hand Drill 600rpm 
EXC110  Mag 10 Hand Drill 1000rpm 
EXC115  Mag 15 Hand Drill 1500rpm 
EXC124  Mag 24 Hand Drill 2400rpm 
Miscellaneous accessories
01278  Kidney Shoe 
01278/A  Rectangular Shoe 8" x 4" 
01279  Square Shoe 8" x 8" 
2210  2" Discharge Hose 
2215  Accumulator Charging Kit 
2262  Main Hose Set - Midi/Major 
2265L  Bagaskip Large 
2265S  Bagaskip Small 
2266  Bagaskip Stand 
2279  Main Hose Set - Cub 
2280  Main Hose Set - Major 20/20 
2304-110  Light Set Single Lamp 110v 
2304-240  Light Set Single Lamp 240v 
2305-110  Light Set Double Lamp 110v 
2305-240  Light Set Double Lamp 240v 
301  Flow/Pressure Test Kit 
302  Accumulator Cap Assy Tool 
EXC15H  15m Water Extension Hose 
EXCDC200  Drill Stand DC200 
EXCHP  Pressurised Hand Pump 
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