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Floats & Hand Tools


Smooth or texture wet concrete to the required finish.

Just twist the long handle and the swivel head angles the blades for pushing or pulling across the slab.


Easy Float C/w swivel head and 3 snap-fitting handles
Bull Float Lightweight magnesium alloy blade with reinforced section to prevent warping. C/w swivel and 3 snap-fitting handles
Big Blue Tempered 'blue' steel blade with rounded corners, c/w swivel and 3 snap-fitting handles
Fresno Broom Combination tool for applying a consistent brushed finish. C/w swivel and 3 snap-fitting handles
Concrete Rake & Placer To place concrete quickly. C/w wooden handles


Model Width (mm) Depth (mm) Total handle length (m) Head weight c/w swivel (kg) Total handle weight (kg)
Easy Float c/w swivel 1035 200 5.4 6.5 5.4
Bull Float 1200 200 5.4 6 3.6
Big Blue 1200 300 5.4 11.1 3.6
Fresno Broom 900 220 5.4 4.8 3.6
Concrete Placer 495 130 1.4 1.5 0.5
Concrete Rake 570 130 1.4 1.5 0.5

Part no Description
50900  Easy Float c/w Swivel & Handle 
50901  Bull Float c/w Swivel & Handle 
50903  Big Blue c/w Swivel & Handle 
50905  Frenso Broom c/w Swivel&Handle 
50.9.005  Concrete Placer 
50.9.007  Concrete Rake 
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