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Premium Core Drills

Dry Cutting Core Drills
Laser welded Dry Cutting Diamond Core Drills with the unique 'Pin Point' centring device to speed up the drilling process. Plumbers, heating engineers, electricians and builders all benefit from a process that leaves perfect holes.
  • 'Pin Point' centring device - quicker and easier
  • Laser welded - 100% guarantee against segment loss
  • Quality hard steel barrel - reduced wear and undercutting
  • Adapters - M16 to 13mm chucks, SDS or direct drive
  • Slotted for dry drilling
  • 300mm length for 22mm & 28mm diameter; 150mm length for all others

Part no Description
136817  Core Drill 22dia x 300 long 
136818  Core Drill 28dia x 300 long 
136819  Core Drill 32 dia x 150 long 
136820  Core Drill 42 dia x 150 long 
136821  Core Drill 52 dia x 150 long 
136822  Core Drill 62 dia x 150 long 
136823  Core Drill 72 dia x 150 long 
136824  Core Drill 82 dia x 150 long 
136825  Core Drill 92 dia x 150 long 
136826  Core Drill 102 dia x 150 long 
136827  Core Drill 112 dia x 150 long 
136828  Core Drill 122 dia x 150 long 
136829  Core Drill 132 dia x 150 long 
136830  Core Drill 152 dia x 150 long 
136831  Core Drill 162 dia x 150 long 
136832  13mm Chuck Adapter 
136833  Pin Point Centering Device 
136834  5/8"x16UNF Female Adapter 
136835  M18x1.5 Female Adapter 
136836  M16 Female Direct Drive 
136837  SDS-Plus Adapter 
136838  150mm Extension For 13mm Chuck 
136839  32mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136840  42mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136841  52mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136842  62mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136843  72mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136844  82mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136845  92mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136846  102mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136847  112mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136848  122mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136849  132mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136866  152mm Pin Point Guide Plate 
136867  162mm Pin Point Guide Plate 

For a core drill complete with centring device, please order:

  Core drill + Adapter + Centring device + Guide plate
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